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Personal Information Protection Statement

CAPCOM SINGAPORE fully recognize the importance of personal information that is used in business operations, consider it our social responsibility to handle personal information appropriately, and hereby declare that we will operate our business in line with this Personal Information Protection Statement (hereinafter the “Statement”) as detailed below.

  1. We hereby pledge that we will abide by any applicable laws and regulations (including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information) in handling personal information in the operation of business. The terms used in this Statement are in accordance with the definitions in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the same applies to a separate document, the Handling of Personal Information.
  2. We obtain personal information through fair and lawful means and, except for a case provided as exceptional in the laws and regulations, obtains special care-required personal information upon prior consent of the individual concerned.
  3. In handling the obtained personal information, We specify and clarify the purpose of use in advance and use any provided personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose, except for a case provided as exceptional in the laws and regulations. We do not, nor will not, use the information inappropriately.
  4. We work to secure accuracy and recency of the obtained personal data, implement the necessary and appropriate safety control measures therefor, and when entrusting any work relating thereto to an outside contractor, provide appropriate supervision so that safety control will be provided.
  5. We provide the obtained personal data to a third party only when we have obtained prior consent from the individual concerned, unless expressly permitted by laws and regulations. When providing the information related to an individual to a third party, we confirm whether the individual’s consent has been acquired.
  6. When we are requested to disclose, correct, delete, or otherwise the retained personal data, we will promptly respond to the request in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  7. We establish contact points for complaints and inquiries regarding our handling of personal information and will appropriately and promptly respond to such complaints and inquires.
  8. In order to comply with our statement hereunder, We have established the rules and other internal systems for the protection of personal information in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, review them continuously, work to improve them, keep its officers and employees well informed of them, and provide necessary supervision, training, and awareness-building to the officers and employees.

Name, address, and name of the representative of CAPCOM SINGAPORE is as follows:

Address20 Anson Road, #11-01 Twenty Anson, Singapore 079912
Name of the representativeIkuo Hirano

Hideto Yoda